Radio X Crew

At 14 years old I started spinning records on Saturday mornings in  Joplin. I enjoy everything from Pearl Jam to Elvis Presley, am an avid  horror movie geek, love to golf and play racquetball. For the last 20  years, I have been a drummer or lead singer, spending the better part of  the 90′s on the road with King Friday or The Sundogs. Also, for better or  worse, I am a die hard Dallas Cowboys fan…GO ROMO!

Bill Wacher – President /

msMike Snow – Programming

Lindzey Thomas
I started in radio right after high school, emptying trash cans and board op’ing games, all in an effort to avoid going to college. 20 years later I’m still avoiding college, emptying trash cans but now I host 4 shows for My Town Media across Kansas. Married and a soccer mom to 2 boys. Which means I live in a constant state of exhaustion, multi-tasking and panic. Luckily my years in radio before I started my family prepared me for a life with boys. I love music and I’m a total 80’s-90’s metal head. Concerts are one of my most expensive and favorite hobby. I have kept every ticket stub to every concert I’ve been too. Despite my years In radio, I’m actually quiet shy and have a tremendous fear of public speaking. Just fake it till ya make it.